The Karmaloop Story

In a world dominated by cookie-cutter clones, the evil forces of McFashion spread a dastardly agenda throughout the universe. The masses lived in the dark, in a bland world of predictability and boredom. The culture had been contaminated and Individual style was nonexistent.

This was not to stand in the year of our ‘Loop 2000! A beacon of hope flashed from the Northeast, guided by an intrepid entrepreneur and his rebel alliance of culturists who rose to battle the evil forces of McFashion. They set out to create a lifestyle brand...something that was more than just an e-commerce site but also a community of style and a full-fledged media powerhouse!

The leader who emerged was Greg Selkoe, and his rebel army was to be known throughout the universes as Karmaloop. And with your help, and help from reinforcements worldwide over the past decade, the rebels have beat back the clones and McFashion’s empire has been crumbling under the weight of individuality ever since!

It started, like many revolutions, in the underground. A basement to be more specific - Greg’s parents basement to be exact. While hundreds upon thousands of ventures began to disintegrate, Karmaloop ignored doubts, attacks and negativity (“The Internet?! Ha! You'll never make money off the Internet!”) and moved operations to a dilapidated piano factory run by a lunatic landlord... this subsequently led to frequently chasing out crackheads from the office, grinding for low or no money while working other “day jobs,” dealing with floods, theft, and fraudsters, engaging in drinking binges and making numerous trips to New York on the Fung Wah Bus aka “the Chicken Run”. All of his was done just to get the gear you really wanted into your closets, and the concrete culture into your mind. Yet through it all Karmaloop never lost faith for one good reason...cause you had their back.

Without the incredible support from their family, friends and partners, Karmaloop simply would not exist. Once again, the key to Karmaloop’s existence is YOU the customers and loyal people that have never doubted, have spread the word, and have showed patience. When there were mistakes you understood, and you gave love when things were going well - for this the Karmaloop fam will be eternally grateful!

Now go look good!