COMUNE clothing reflects a lifestyle of carefree idealism and supports the people who choose to live it. Not afraid to push boundaries and do things deemed unacceptable, COMUNE embraces rawness. With a focus on finding unique fabrications, COMUNE wanted to show that craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a strong sense of design were still appreciated by the consumer. A self-sufficient brand, COMUNE does not outsource, keeping everything from creative to marketing to sales in-house. COMUNE believes by doing this, it ensures the ability to maintain a consistent brand identity that can stay ahead of the game. COMUNE is more than just a streetwear clothing company—COMUNE is also a multi-faceted design house.

COMUNE: clothing that reflects a lifestyle of carefree idealism and supports the people who choose to live it.

Created in Southern California, this Los Angeles clothing company draws its inspirations from skating, snowboarding, motorcycles, and building things from scratch. People who embrace the rawness and imperfections of everyday life created COMUNE and use it to push the boundaries in fashion through art, music, skate, and snow. With a skate and snow team consisting of riders like Jordan Sanchez, Josh Murphy, Colton Morgan, and Ben Rice, COMUNE thrives on being raw and relentless.

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