Creep Street

Creep Street caters to a culture that digs everything from B-grade horror flicks to skanky chicks and rugged cliques. Inspired by a love of neon colors, zombies, skateboarding, music, '80s television, '90s movies, dinosaurs, Hamburger Helper, bad commercials, and basically all weird and creepy things, Creep Street has quickly emerged as a major player in the streetwear fashion scene. This brand's typical aesthetic is dark and playful, and combines bold graphics with unexpected colors.

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Creep Street: high-end fashion inspired by things that go bump in the night.

Creep Street is the brainchild of two guys with a dream who had the huevos to make it happen. Launched in 2006, Creep Street's vision sprung from the perverted minds of Boris and Chip, more commonly known as the Filthy Few. These lovable goons pay special attention to every detail in Creep Street's quality pieces—so please don't confuse them with the monotonous majority. If you're looking to add a little attitude to your wardrobe, look no further than Creep Street. With ever-expanding collections and a growing list of celebrity endorsements, Creep Street is a brand on the way up.

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