Diamond Supply Co clothing

Diamond Supply Co clothing fuses street fashion and skateboard style to create some of the most popular street couture on the market. Diamond Supply Co clothing is designed by Nick Tershay, known in some skating circles and the fashion world as Nick Diamond. With a wear-what-you-love approach to style, Diamond Supply Co delivers highly original pieces in limited collections that have helped to make the brand an unqualified success. From jackets and T-shirts to hats and beanies, to shoes and accessories, Diamond Supply Co clothing is designed to stand the test of time.

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Karmaloop.com offers a wide selection of Diamond Supply Co clothing. As the leading online retailer for street couture and the latest in urban fashion, Karmaloop provides access to more than 500 brands covering a wide variety of styles and looks, including everything from Naked and Famous denim and Free People clothing to Obey t-shirts and Super Sunglasses.

What started as an exclusive skate brand collection back in 1998 has quickly evolved into a large, diversified clothing and accessories line. Diamond Supply Co. has been hard at work innovating its clothing with signature design choices that help set the brand apart. Browse the pages of Karmaloop.com and you'll find everything your heart desires in Diamond Supply Co clothing. The selection includes 100% cotton crewneck tees, zip-up hoodies with side pockets, and fleece varsity jackets with contrast sleeves.

That's not all you'll find in Diamond Supply Co clothing. There's also a selection of footwear, including high-top, mid-top, and low-top sneakers, often with suede uppers and a contrast rubber sole.

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