The IMKING brand is governed by a simple mantra, "See beyond the struggle, achieve the impossible." The creators know that life is full of adversity, and oftentimes disappointment. Despite the inevitability of hard times, IMKING celebrates the perseverance of human ingenuity. This humanity factor is what allows us to remain resilient and conquer misfortunes, and gives us the confidence to fight for our dreams and what we believe in. There are those who will support your dreams and those who will kick you when you're down—but legends are born when consistency exceeds expectation. IMKING shoots for the moon, creates to achieve, and toils diligently until goals are met. They create for people with similar ethics. IMKING is a brand bold enough to venture down the road most fear. They are motivated by one of the greatest pleasures in life: Doing what we are told cannot be done. IMKING won't stop until their good gets better and their better becomes great. Opportunities are never given to the ordinary; they are seized by the extraordinary. These are the raw, talented individuals who are able to see beyond the struggles of their present.

IMKING: IMaginary KINGdom.

Andy Cool founded IMKING in 2006. Andy was the type of kid that always looked great and prided himself on fashion. However, it was an inner concept that he most wanted to share with the world... The name IMKING was derived by the concept IMaginary KINGdom, an idea Andy believed in deeply. He dreamed to one day turn this concept into a brand—a brand he hoped would turn into a form of entertainment—a form of entertainment he hoped would turn into a lifestyle. IMKING is a dream come true, no hyperbole. Initially, Andy noticed a lot of changes in the fashion industry. He decided to regard these shifting customs as an opportunity to make a few of his own. He brought a new twist to the concept of everyday street style and brought his vision to life. Polo, Andy's partner, soon joined the line, as did IMKING's third partner, Brian. Within three years, their three-man team quickly grew to a small army of 20. offers a great collection of IMKING clothing.

Karmaloop is the online clothing retailer of streetwear and skatewear for the verge generation of young women and men who have grown up with the Internet. Karmaloop’s collection of IMKING clothing for men can't be beaten. IMKING shirts come in a number of styles, including: raglans with contrast necklines and sleeves and bold logo graphics at the front chest; tanks, perfect for the warm weather with their breezy open boat neck cuts and cheeky front graphic images; and tees that feature a variety of designs, including racy front graphic images, clever prints, and classic logo fonts. IMKING sweatshirts come in crewneck styles and are made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

Karmaloop also carries a fashionable collection of IMKING tees for women. These IMKING shirts are made with 100% cotton and come in a number of styles that can complete any outfit, such as crewneck cuts, edgy contrasts, photo graphics on the front, and IMKING logos on the left sleeve.

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