LRG Core Collection

The LRG Core Collection is the must-have stuff—the jeans and hoodies, hats and key chains that are the purest form of LRG fashion. If LRG clothing is a support group for the independent culture, the LRG Core Collection is the bonus prize for all the people trying to pay their rent by practicing their passions.

From its days as a startup selling streetwear for the skateboarding and hip hop communities, LRG has grown to become one of the biggest names in street fashion, and the "young man's brand of the year" in 2007, according to the men's fashion weekly DNR. Today, LRG clothes and the LRG core collection are the favorites of athletes, musicians, and celebrities, and the way of life for above-average people working daily to break new ground, bring innovative ideas to life, and lead the trends in street couture.

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Karmaloop carries a number of items in the LRG Core Collection. The LRG Core Collection is well known for its distinctive graphics and logo designs, as well as its simplicity and comfort. Some of our favorite pieces are the graphic tee shirts, which are lightweight, machine washable, and made from 100% cotton. There are also long sleeve buttondown shirts, made of 100% cotton, LRG jeans, and outerwear pieces, like a denim jacket. LRG hoodies are also basic streetwear staples for any season, so check back frequently to find the latest styles.

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