LRG hoodies

LRG hoodies are the heart of the independent culture. Like the LRG clothing brand, LRG hoodies are all about swagger. About lifestyle. About props for the people trying to pay their rent with their passion. LRG hoodies are about living larger, about creating trends rather than following them, about being part of something big—the underground culture of the people determined to live their lives on their own terms and with their own style.

LRG clothes started in 1999, selling clothing to hip hop fans and skaters in L.A. Soon after, a cult following helped make LRG hoodies and LRG clothing one of the most popular fashion choices among musicians, athletes, and celebrities as well, and in 2007 the fashion weekly DNR named LRG the "young man's brand of the year." Today, LRG hoodies and streetwear are as popular as ever among people creating a life and a style within an independent culture.

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