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An LRG shirt isn't just a shirt. It's a way of life. It's a statement. It's a sign you're part of that above-average community of people determined to live life on their own terms. To carve out their own style. An LRG shirt puts you in the solid company of skaters and hip hop fans everywhere, who every day are trying to pay their rent with their passion, and with the athletes, celebrities, and musicians who wear an LRG shirt for its pure swagger. When you wear an LRG shirt, you're part of an independent, underground culture of people devoted to an unconventional life.

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For an LRG shirt from Karmaloop, choose from a variety of 100% cotton buttondowns. An LRG shirt features dual chest pockets with button closure and everything from plaid to camo print designs.

LRG t shirts are available in a number of styles. These are shirts designed by people who believe that the person trying to get by with their passions deserves a brand that acknowlegdes these efforts. That's what sets LRG apart. With their standard crewneck cut tees, you are guranteed a classic comfort with the signature prints and graphics that LRG has become known for. There are short sleeve and long sleeve crewneck T-shirts, each with its own design and graphic features. No matter the choice, if it's an LRG T-shirt, it's a good one.

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Karmaloop also retails pieces from the LRG Core Collection, primarily basic wardrobe staples like a tee or buttondown shirt, hoodies, and zip-ups. This spin-off brand focuses on the basic, day-to-day streetwear that was popularized by LRG in the first place.

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