The designers over at MINKPINK aren’t big on making a fuss out of things. They follow a simple formula when designing power pieces for women’s street wear. They ask themselves, “What would we like to wear?” and then they go for it. MINPINK caters to the girl that loves to shop. Whether it’s retail therapy or the sheer joy of just getting dressed and looking cute, MINKPINK knows that fashion isn’t serious and shopping and getting dressed is supposed to be fun. MINPINK designs work to encapsulate this feeling for their following of fun, fashionistas worldwide.

MINKPINK was launched in Australia back in 2005 when founder and designer Rachel Evans came to the conclusion that girls with a true eye for fashion were being short changed. To Evans, the creator of the Evil Twin and Staple brands, it felt unfair that only gals with big budgets could afford well-designed clothing. MINKPINK was born to give fashion girls inspiring and original collections to supplement their own individual style. MINKPINK’s fashions are inspired by both vintage fashion as well as current trends. MINKPINK was created in Sydney, and since then this collection has become a top three youth brand in Australia in just five years. Today MINKPINK is popular and recognized beyond its hometown borders. It has made its way to the states and has already lassoed a celebrity following.

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MINKPINK clothing offers a colorful and versatile collection of women’s street styles. MINKPINK tops come in a number of styles including bustiers, crop tops, tanks, collard shirts and cropped jumpers. MINKPINK dresses come in sexy Saturday night body-con mini styles, girl-next-door-esque flair out styles, and elegant maxi dresses that brush the ankles. MINKPINK bottoms come in a number of styles. MINKPINK shorts come in basic denim washes as well as fun patterned and printed designs. These shorts are comfortable and cute, made with a 100% cotton and great for a number of occasions. MINKPINK pants and MINKPINK skirts both come in a number of stylish designs and pair amazing with the right MINKPINK top.

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