MollaSpace has established a modern market for internationally designed housewares and tech products. Acting as a middleman between talented designers and satisfied consumers, MollaSpace distributes products with the tech savvy shopper in mind. MollaSpace products are sleek, stylish, and cutting-edge, imagined by the world's most talented upcoming designers. These products cater to a generation that has grown up in a world that thrives on technology. At a time when a global marketplace is available at the click of a button, MollaSpace holds a defining role within a unique venture. By seeking out top-notch designers, collectives, and products, and connecting them with a hungry market of young consumers, MollaSpace succeeds in taking design distribution in a unique direction.

MollaSpace: bringing innovative global design home.

The founders of MollaSpace, based in Los Angeles, California, put great consideration into the products distributed under their company's name. Not only is the aesthetic of each product highly valued, but the concept, material, production, and environmental impact also hold equal importance in the eyes of the company. In one example, MollaSpace collaborated with Biagust, an award-winning design collective out of Tawain, on products through which proceeds would be donated to A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). Another item, the MollaSpace My Drinking Can, is a reusable drinking bottle made from innovative biodegradable materials. MollaSpace's modern designs and forward thinking have not gone unrecognized: The design company has been featured in a handful of prominent magazines including New York Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times.

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