When the team that is now Obey Clothing first got together for a top secret strategy meeting, in a bunker, in a hidden location, a hundred feet below the earth?s surface, safe from government surveillance and corporate espionage, the question was posed, "Shepard, how would you describe the essence

Obey is art. Obey is collaboration.

T-shirts and clothing were Fairey's new canvas—a way to get his art and message to the people. A wide range of reference points and a strong visual identity help the brand resonate with a large audience. Collaborations with designers like Mike Ternosky and Erin Wignall, as well as with musicians like MC5 and Public Enemy, help keep Obey relevant and progressive.

Inspired by classic military design and workwear basics, Obey is clothing for individuals, appealing to a wide spectrum of tastes. Obey is about variety and experience, awareness of local and world events, and, most importantly, asking questions instead of blindly accepting the way things are.

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Karmaloop.com is the premier online store for the Verge Culture, where you'll find a full line of Obey clothing for women and men, such as the following styles:

Obey jackets, including full-zip leather jackets (some with a built-in, full-zip hoody), classic varsity jackets with an embroidered Obey logo, and button-up jackets that, when paired with an Obey tee, create a casual street style look.
Obey jeans in a variety of colors, featuring five pockets and the Obey logo labels on the coin & right back pockets. Obey denim comes in a varity of styles such as the Juvee and Standard issue fits.
Obey t shirts in solid colors and with a wide variety of graphic prints and scripts by Shepard Fairey and other artists.
Obey hats, including New Era fitted caps featuring logo embroidery on the front, classic snapbacks, trucker hats, 5-panels, and beanies.
Obey sweaters, with styles featuring the classic Obey box logo, along with Andre The Giant, and political inspired images.

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