Obey sweaters

Obey sweaters are part of the Obey clothing line—artist Shepard Fairey's foray into urban fashion. Like Obey shirts, pants, outerwear, and graphic tees, Obey sweaters are work wear basics with a twist. Fairey describes his style as "intelligently irreverent" and it shows. Obey picks up where punk rock left off; it's a mashup of counterculture attitude, skateboard sensibility, and a bitingly sarcastic graphic style that encourages dissent as well as a healthy skepticism of anyone who asks you to obey anything.

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Obey sweaters for men come in various knits, but are always made to be comfortable and fashionable. They typically feature either 100% cotton materials or a combination of cotton, acrylic, and wool. The style is always in line with the Obey aesthetic and is sure to go well with any buttondown shirt.

Women's Obey sweaters also come in a variety of knits. From cropped to ribbed, these sweaters are made with the highest standards and quality in mind. There is also a large variety of trims that provide a wide spectrum of fits and looks that are sure to complete any ensemble.

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