SSUR is the brain child of founder/artist Ruslan Karablin. The brand—"Russ" spelled backwards—came about when Karablin realized that he could put his own artwork and designs on tee shirts. From there, the sky was the limit. Over the years SSUR, has created some of the most dynamic art-based clothing on the street scene. Karablin considers himself a collector of art memorabilia and Americana: He has John Gotti's coffee machine in the flagship store, and tries to incorporate as much of this iconography as possible in his clothing lines. SSUR is a canvas for all of these ideas and designs, making the brand more than just skin-deep streetwear.

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SSUR offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories. SSUR offers a number of hat options, each representative of the brand's aesthetics. There are classic 5-panel snapback hats that feature a variety of prints and logos. These hats are perfect to top off any streetwear look and offer you a chance to wear some of Karablin's personal artwork. SSUR also has a dense selection of graphic tees, each with its own color scheme and color combinations. These shirts typically feature a crew neckline, a contrast graphic, and are made of 100% cotton to ensure ultimate comfort with your ultimate street style.

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