The Sons of Liberty is a brand born of resistance! The brand takes inspiration from the rag tag bunch of patriots and rabble rousers in the city of Boston that called them selves the Sons of Liberty over 200 years ago. It was these brave few who were un-willing to submit to the tyranny of monarchy who lit the fuse for the American Revolution. The Sons of Liberty is more than a clothing brand it is a movement using artist expression to exposé the hypocrites, republicans, greedy corporations as well as the tyranny of oil and the slavery of narrow thought and anything else we stand against. The Sons of Liberty will also lend their support and stand with the groups and people who have chosen to speak out or think in a new way for they are our only hope for change. We are not anti-capitalist, we are not anti-American, we are simply pro freedom, fairness, and progress… Sons and Daughters of Liberty unite!