NEW YORK, NY September 2007 – Sprint 2, the longstanding, Queens, NY-based retailer of sneakers and streetwear owned by Elie Arazi, doesn’t stay quite. The retailer has begun the re-branding process of the logo by (503 Design in NYC) and will expand its current shop with a complete multi media redesign with two new websites and interior overhaul set to debut in October/ November of this year. Re-named Sprint 2 Queens, the shop will take the borough of Queens and its residents as its cornerstone point of inspiration. With strategic partners from diverse worlds of fashion, entertainment and marketing, and an interactive web portal that showcases young design talent, Sprint 2 Queens will be a shop built as a gathering place and inspiration for the youth culture of today. The main consumer web portal www.sprint2queens,com was deigned by 530 Media Lab in California ( will reflect the inspirational and aspirational new direction of the shop by showcasing the people behind the apparel and footwear brand sold at Sprint 2 Queens. The second site was created by Seed Communications and LTD witch presents a 15 year timeline of all the behind the scenes of Sprint2Queens that will not be shown to the public and developed for corporate use only. The Sprint2 Queens website features two new concepts that we have never seen done before with a retail store website. The first new feature is the forecasting section and second new feature is the Creative Index section. The Creative Index section is powered by directly to the Wire section of The second new concept is the relationship between Complex Magazine as the exclusive Forecasting section editors of the Sprint2Queens site, where many exclusive items and discussions will show up as well. Quote- Patino states, (I wanted to give back everything I learned and had in my brain over the last 16 years on this site and use all my connections. This way we increase and improve the way we communicate with our corporate suppliers and the customers at the same time. I was bored with most sites, I thought they could give a lot more back; most sites only try to sell you what they have in stock. was briefed to educate and give back by highlighting the links and main people pushing our industry forward as in the Creative Index section. The Good People section of the website sends you to some of the main trade, retail, design and brand sites that we as designers and people in the industry use to gain insight on the past, present and future. If we continue to sell and do great, then that’s of course what will keep us in business for another 13 years, however not the our only focus at retail.) Sprint 2 Queens will continue to carry an exciting array of sneakers from giants like Nike, Vans, Jordan, DC and Creative Recreation plus new streetwear and core skate brands like Crooks and Castles, 10 Deep , Diamond, Lemar and Dauley,Son of Man Gourmet, NFN and New Era as they have for the past 13 years. The new space has computer renders designed by GMD Three ; the space will incorporate innovative displays. The Art installations on one wall will promote the many famous faces of Queens –Elmhurst, the most ethnically diverse community in the world. Sprint2Queens The World is Yours!