Armory Survival Gear has been an in house brand at the Armory Hip Hop Shop for the past 4 years. Brought forth by CROS1 of Freestyle Session fame, Armory brings together artists from East Coast to West as well as local designers and artists from the local scene in San Diego. One glimpse and you will see Old School and New School Hip Hop as well as locally inspired artwork coming together for fresh concepts from simple logo driven t-shirts to strong graphic driven designs. Armory Massive, the backbone of this collection, is a network of B-boys, B-girls, MC''s, DJ''s, Producers, Graffiti Artists, Designers, and Hip Hop Heads in general from all parts of the world. Armory has grown over the past 4 years from its two stores in San Diego to a store in Chicago and Tokyo, Japan as well as branches in London and Korea. Armory is also responsible for worldwide hip hop events such as Freestyle Session, Out For Fame, U.K. Championships, Mighty 4 and more. Armory Survival Gear is ready to take the world by storm as this is just the beginning.