Civil is a brand of men's and women's high contemporary fashion, accessories, and dry goods aiming to put the spotlight on our civil society. The brand bases its distinctive designs on the ever-changing, fast-paced rhythm of the world, becoming a symbol of multi-dimensional cultural diversity manifested in every facet of our lives and deeply rooted in our beliefs and measures. Reflecting its uniqueness and character, Civil clothing is a mirror of each individual's background, ethnicities, political views, religious beliefs, and everything in between. Its clear and concise style is meant to stand out and not just go with "what’s hip," which serves as the driving force behind Civil clothing, embracing uniqueness and turning it into original streetwear.

"Celebrate the Difference" between fashion, art, music, and life.

Los Angeles-based apparel designer Brian Leung launched Civil in 2009 when he wanted to establish a clothing brand that reflected civil society. It was defined as a symbol of multicultural diversity, celebrating the individualistic style of various cultural multiplicities. Inspired by music, the streets of Los Angeles, and the upbeat lifestyle of the city, Civil clothing features a unique blend of classic yet modern apparel. Each season, ideas come and go, and a style is created that can be hard to categorize, but easy to identify. With fashion-driven influences, Civil is able to address many different styles, but always stays rooted in celebrating difference.

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