Creative Recreation

By combining the best attributes of different footwear categories—the comfort of an athletic sneaker with the materialization of a dress shoe—the ultimate crossbreed of lifestyle footwear was born. Creative Recreation creates a high-quality footwear line that addresses the needs of emerging lifestyle consumers and stylish young professionals. Realizing that success was no longer correlated with a suit and tie, Creative Recreation began its journey to embrace fashion-freedom with a design approach that blurs the rules.

Creative Recreation: footwear for life with style.

Launched in the fall of 2002 to fill a void in the footwear market, the driving force behind Creative Recreation was a sense of dissatisfaction for what the industry was offering. Inspired by both the void in the footwear industry and a change in social currents, the founders set out to design a shoe that they wanted to wear. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the original lifestyle footwear brand was founded on creativity and innovation. Creative Recreation offers an affordable yet stylish collection for any occasion. Creative Recreation has been on the feet of many famous celebrities such as Kanye West, Mario Lopez,, and Diddy. Embracing fashion freedom and a passion for pioneering the market, Creative Recreation's driving force is the reason they remain an original lifestyle footwear brand.

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Karmaloop is the world's leading retailer for streetwear apparel, accessories, and footwear inspired by the counterculture. You will find a wide range of Creative Recreation footwear on Creative Recreation offers all different styles, from high tops to low tops, made from a variety of quality fabrics and materials. Creative Recreation sneakers are perfect for all occasions. Dress them up with some dope chino pants or keep it casual with your favorite denim. There is a pair perfect for everyone regardless of your personal style.

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