Flud Watches

Flud Watches is a brand founded and designed by New York City natives who strive to embody to culture they grew up in with their collections. Flud products are easily distinguishable; they aren't trying to copy looks typically associated with high-end watches or to recycle the same tired styles.  Instead, Flud watches are as much art as time piece, as they are often uniquely shaped, with examples being in the mold of a turntable or a boombox.  Although Flud has only been around since 2007, it can lay claim to being one of the leading suppliers of accessories for the streetwear community.  

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Flud Watches: The stylish way to tell time.

Flud Watches immediately stand out due to their innovative designs that draw inspiration from hip hop and other subcultures, and it's become quite common to see celebrities and A-List musicians rocking a Flud piece. In addition to watches, Flud also makes several other sought-after products, including tees, jewelry, backpacks, wallets, and more. Flud Watches is committed to providing premium products at a non-pretentious price, and with each passing collection their footprint in the streetwear scene continues to increase. 

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Watches: Flud Watches offers an incredibly diverse selection of watches, with many designs that come in several colorways. Flud makes several themed watches, including those in the shape of a turntable and a boom box. In addition to these more ground-breaking designs, Flud makes a variety of more classic models with standard circular faces.
Belts: Flud Watches makes a series of fashionable belts, some of which include details like a molded metal buckle with the Flud logo, and an engraved metal cap at the end of the belt strap.
Jewelry: Several of Flud's popular watch designs are also available in pendant form and come with a classic linked chain.

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