Freshjive is one of the longest standing names in streetwear. Since 1989, Freshjive has been a brand of choice for those who are looking to do more than rock a logo tee. In 2010, founder Rick Klotz decided to remove the name "Freshjive" from all of their products, choosing to instead leave an empty black box on the tag as the signifying feature. This somewhat controversial decision to "de-brand" the company after 20 years of success is the kind of move that Klotz has grown famous for over the years, as Freshjive has always been about pushing the envelope.

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Freshjive: no logo required.

Few brands combine social and political commentary with streetwear like Freshjive, which is known for making thought-provoking tees, sweaters, and more. Freshjive creates innovative collections and designs inspired by everything from police brutality to animal rights. These designs, although at times controversial, are guaranteed to spark dialogue and often highlight issues that need more attention. Freshjive apparel is a natural choice for the progressive streetwear enthusiast, as many of the issues that Freshjive chooses to highlight deal directly with the counterculture community that purchases their products. One thing is certain—Freshjive will continue to release gear that stands by the ideals of its creators.

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Tees: Freshjive is not the kind of company that makes a collection of boring logo tees, as their shirts stand out from the pack due to their interesting graphic designs and color schemes. Freshjive tees often feature controversial images with a deeper meaning, and are guaranteed to get people talking.

- Pants: Freshjive releases a selection of fresh pant designs every year. Freshjive pants are made from premium materials and built to last.  

- Sweaters and hoodies: Freshjive has a sweater or hoody for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a zip-up or a pullover, Freshjive has you covered.

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