G-SHOCK watches by Casio. More than 30 years of absolute toughness and rugged style. With models designed for aviation, sports, military, and adventures in the great outdoors, G-SHOCK is wristwear that's got action, thrill, and style written all over it. You already know what time it is—you want a watch that tells the world you're ready to make your move. You'll find a full line-up of G-SHOCK watches at Karmaloop.com.

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G-SHOCK means tough.

You want a watch that can hang tough? G-SHOCK watches are built for durability—it's in their DNA. Exclusive shock-resistant technology includes a watch module that is "floated" inside a hollow structure to protect it from shocks. A urethane-resin bezel protects against direct hits to the buttons and glass. Special cushioning material protects the crystal oscillator and other critical elements at the G-SHOCK watch's core.

G-SHOCK for surfers, action sports enthusiasts, and more.

Whatever your pleasure—no matter how hard you like to play—there's a G-SHOCK watch designed for you.

- For surfers, there are slim, compact G-SHOCK designs that hug the wrist and stay out of the way. Water resistance up to 200 meters makes these watch as indispensable as your board.

- For sports enthusiasts and rugged adventurers, there are G-SHOCK watches to deliver unmatched toughness. Different models are resistant to water up to 200 meters and to low temperatures down to -20°C/-4°F, and with tide graphs, multiple time zones, and multi-year battery life also available, G-SHOCK provides all the bells and whistles every adventurer needs.

- Aviators will love the G-SHOCK large-case analog watches with 1/100 second chronograph, solar power, atomic timekeeping, and centrifugal force resistance to keep accurate time under the stress of up to 12 Gs.

- And if the club or house party is where your action is, G-SHOCK also has you covered with its watches featuring a mirror dial in gloss and metallic finishes with contrasting band loops. These watches have an EL backlight with afterglow as well as hourly time signals and countdown timers—the perfect combination of functionality and style.

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