Mishka is streetwear that crosses all lifestyles and street cultures. Take a good look at the Mishka clothing brand and you'll find influences from '80's underground punk, indie rock, heavy metal, the skate community, comics, b-movies, horror flicks, and pop culture. (And bears, of course.) From its humble beginnings as a Brooklyn t-shirt shop in 2003, Mishka has become a powerhouse brand with a cult following—and designs for t-shirts, jackets, outerwear, hats, and bags that are always relevant and hip.

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Mishka's bears.

Bears are an important part of the Mishka brand. (Mishka means "bear cub" in Russian.) Founders Mikhail Bortnik and Gregory Rivera were inspired by both the bear's gentle intelligence and its willingness to stand its ground when angered. Bears appear in many Mishka designs, from an aggressive bear's face to a graffiti-style graphic of a disturbed teddy bear.

Shop Mishka clothing at Karmaloop.

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- Mishka t-shirts: Tees with Mishka graphics, including Keep Watch, Adder, Engineered to Destroy, Point Guard, Bear Mop, Worldwide Expansion, Cyrillic Pro, and more.

- Mishka sweatshirts: Hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts with Mishka graphics, including Warzone, Society of the Snake, Olympia, and Throwback Keep Watch.

- Mishka jeans and pants: Mishka offerings in pants include skinny jeans and workpants in a variety of different washes and colors.

- Mishka shirts: You'll find all sorts of shirts, including long sleeve buttondowns and short sleeve tees, all with a mix of cool graphic patterns.

- Mishka accessories: Accessories from Mishka include watches, bags, sunglasses, hats, belts, and more.

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