*MKL Accessories

Check out the latest accessories from *MKL Accessories, located on Karmaloop.com. This boutique is a one-stop shop for accessory shopping. *MKL Accessories is perfect for the gal in search of that special bracelet or ring to add to her jewelry box, but doesn't want to rifle through a slew of other collections to find it. Thanks to *MKL Accessories, she doesn't have to. When browsing online for that perfect necklace, simply find the women's brand option on Karmaloop.com, click the drop-down menu to locate *MKL Accessories, and behold our online jewelry box.

Shop now at Karmaloop's *MKL Accessories for the necklace, ring, watch, bracelet, anklet, bag, scarf, head piece, and even socks of your dreams.

A wide collection of accessories, all in one spot.

*MKL Accessories is a specific collection within the world of products sold on Karmaloop.com. Karmaloop.com was founded by Greg Selkoe and is currently headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. A TV studio in New York City houses Karmaloop TV, an extension of Karmaloop.com focused on multi-platform broadband programming, which was launched in 2008. Karmaloop.com is recognized as one of the world's largest online retailers of streetwear, including footwear, apparel, accessories, housewares, and more. Karmaloop's main demographic is the "verge culture," a multicultural group considered the first generation "raised on the Internet," typically between the ages of 18 and 34 years old.

Check out *MKL Accessories on Karmaloop.com for all your accessory needs.

*MKL Accessories necklaces come in a number of styles, from collar chain nameplates to cleavage-dangling pendants. Bracelets from *MKL Accessories come in a number of models that gel great with a diverse palette of street styles, from chunky bangles to eclectically adorned arm candy. Rings are available in styles that are both feminine and glam. *MKL Accessories offers a collection of bags including quaint clutches, trendy purses, cool backpacks, and convenient totes. A slew of other accessories can be found at *MKL Accessories, including suspenders, hair accessories, keychains, scarves, makeup, socks, body jewelry, home goods, and much more!

Check out *MKL Accessories at Karmaloop.com, or take a look at other accessory brands like GoodWood, Fashionology, and Flud Watches.

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