Naked & Famous

At Naked & Famous, it's all about denim—but not just any denim. Naked and Famous denim is among the best raw denim in the world, produced at a special mill in Japan, where modern methods are blended with of traditional techniques of weaving, dyeing, and finishing to produce only the most unique and rare denim fabric.

Naked & Famous denim is always raw and simple—no washes or gimmicks, no embroidery or costly after-effects. Just great jeans, stripped down to the essential—the best denim in the world, at a reasonable price. It's just the opposite of the brands that the Naked name and logo are poking fun of—the "Hollywood" brands that sell mediocre jeans endorsed by famous people.

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Naked & Famous: unique fabric and fits.

Naked & Famous produces jeans collections that feature a number of rare and unique fabrics, including selvedge denim, denim woven from silk or camel hair, blended fabrics like wool or linen denim and Kevlar and cashmere denim, and lots more. Among the Naked & Famous lines, you'll find double-weaves, W-weaves, right-hand and left-hand twill, broken and alternating mixed twill, big slub fabrics, multi-color nep fabrics, dobby cloths, and much more. Jeans are available in several modern fits created by Naked & Famous pattern makers, including skinny, slim, and tapered fits in men's jeans, and skinny, slim, boot-cut, and trouser-cut in women's.

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You can find a wide variety of Naked & Famous jeans through Karmaloop. The attention to detail—the craftsmanship that goes into the denim alone—is a testament to the quality that Naked & Famous is known for. With their five-pocket design, leather logo belt patch, and 100% cotton construction, these are the jeans you want to be wearing.

Naked & Famous not only provides quality denim pants, but also offers 100% cotton buttondown shirts to complement whatever pair of pants you choose.

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