New Balance

New Balance was founded in Boston in 1906, and over the past century has earned international recognition as the manufacturer of some of the finest active footwear and apparel available today. Over the years, New Balance has continued to innovate and develop technologies that increase comfort and performance, and has emerged as a popular choice for both athletes and streetwear enthusiasts, as their sneakers with the trademark "N" have proven to have a timeless style. In addition, New Balance is unique among the large athletic brands in that it is committed to domestic manufacturing and still makes a portion of its shoes in the USA.

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New Balance: Setting the standard for comfort and performance.

Early on, New Balance primarily sold arch supports to workers, such as waiters, who spent most of their day on their feet. In 1938, New Balance expanded into the world of athletic footwear with the release of their first running shoe. A few years later, they made a line of custom cleats for the Boston Braves (MLB). Following the popularity of these models, New Balance began to develop new shoe technologies and in 1960 revolutionized the way we experience running by introducing the world's first shoe with a ripple sole, The Trackster. New Balance is also dedicated to serving its community, remaining actively involved both through charities and by sponsoring events that encourage people to live an active lifestyle.

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