Obey clothing

The artist/designer Shepard Fairey describes his Obey clothing line as "intelligently irreverent." The brand is an extension of Fairey's artwork and his running commentary on politics and culture. The name—Obey—is pure sarcasm. Fairey wants his audience to do exactly the opposite.

Obey clothing takes the counterculture of skateboarding, adds a critique of pop culture, and wraps it in a warning about political propaganda. It's punk rock sensibility with biting graphic style and an irreverent sense of humor. And it's definitely a good look.

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Designers, musicians collaborate to design Obey clothing

To keep his Obey clothing brands fresh and contemporary, Fairey has collaborated with musicians like MC5 and Public Enemy and designers like Erin Wignall and Mike Ternosky. Designed as fashion for the people, Obey clothing appeals to a wide range of fashion tastes. It's clothing inspired by military design and created as work wear basics. In the end, Obey clothing is another one of Fairey's canvases—a way to get his art in the hands and on the bodies of people everywhere.

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Obey tshirts featuring bold graphics by Fairey and others, including classic Fairey icons like Andre the Giant—an image and campaign Fairey created in 1989. Standard Obey tshirts feature a crew neckline and often are made with 100% cotton.

Obey shirts, which stray away from the standard tee and include a handful of buttondowns, raglans, and blouses for men and women. Obey shirts are typically casual and light—perfect for everyday wear.

Obey sweatshirts, including the crewnecks and the Obey hoodie in solids and heather blends. The majority of Obey sweatshirts are pullovers that feature an iconic Obey graphic, whether it's a simple logo text, or an image created in the typical Shepard Fairey style. The standard Obey sweatshirt is a comfortable blend of cotton and polyester.

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