Obey shirts

When you wear Obey shirts, you're anything but obedient. Obey is irreverent. Obey is intelligent. It's about awareness and asking questions, while keeping an eye on the propaganda people of the world.

The Obey brand was started by street artist/designer Shepard Fairey in 2001. Obey shirts and jeans and hats are about taking Fairey's art and attitude to the masses—putting his bold, ironic graphics in the hands and on the shirts of people everywhere. It's a mash-up of political commentary and pop culture references, played out on Obey's work wear basics.

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Karmaloop is an online retailer specializing in clothing for the Verge Culture—the generation of young men and women who have grown up with the Internet. Karmaloop carries a wide variety of Obey clothes and shirts along with dozens of other brands of streetwear and skatewear—from Vans sneakers to RVCA hats to LRG hoodies to Nixon watches to WeSC shirts.

Obey shirts for men on Karmaloop.com include shortsleeve and longsleeve buttondowns. Most of these shirts are made from 100% cotton, and they feature a variety of bold patterns and designs, including allover paisley, allover camo, chambray, and classic plaid.

Obey shirts for men are not limited to buttondowns. You can also find a large selection of Obey graphic T-shirts, with prints of various Shepard Fairey artwork. Choose anything from the exclusive "Peace Elephant" to the classic Obey icon face, and you'll be making a political statement while also staying in style.

Karmaloop also offers a collection of Obey shirts for women. There are several longsleeve buttondown options, with everything from plaid to floral patterns. There's also a wide variety of graphic tees and tanks, which are often made with cotton blends. Art by Shepard Fairey adorns the front of most Obey shirts, so that any lady wearing one is automatically part of Fairey's worldwide exhibit.

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Also available at Karmaloop are Obey hats, including knit beanies, classic snapbacks, and 5 panels. And you'll find a full line of Obey hoodie options for men and women, including pullover and zip-up hooded sweatshirts.

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