Japanese street couture meets New York City swagger—that's the RockSmith vibe. Blending the best of Tokyo and New York nightlife, RockSmith clothing is the ultimate mix tape of classic and futuristic cuts, fabrics, music styles, and attitudes. RockSmith's roots go back to Tokyo and a DJ crew that loved early hip hop. That's where the label gets its reputation as "your favorite rappers' favorite brand." While RockSmith was born in Tokyo, its home is now Brooklyn, New York. RockSmith is currently found in more than 300 boutiques and has its first flagship store on New York's Lower East Side.

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Rocksmith will have you covered head-to-toe (literally), and you'll find a lot of RockSmith at Karmaloop. Implementing their roots in Japanese street couture by way of the New York City nightlife scene, RockSmith has created a wide variety of interesting and unique clothing that has much to offer. From hats, tank-tops, sweatshirts, jackets and T-shirts that put new twists on familiar logos, to pants and shorts completing the entire ensemble, shopping RockSmith will have all of your clothing needs taken care of. Turn "your Favorite rappers' favorite brand" into your favorite brand by shopping RockSmith now.

RockSmith hats and beanies.

You'll also find RockSmith hats and beanies at Karmaloop. There are snapbacks and trucker hats, as well as fitted beanies, all in a variety of colors and patterns.

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