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BOTB by Hellz Bellz

Stemming from the original trailblazing entity Hellz Bellz comes BOTB, the newest conceptual venture from the mind of Lani Alabanza-Barcena featuring classic statement pieces including tops, dresses, beanies, leggings, and shoes. BOTB is a clash of two contrasting female embodiments, which come together for a melodic mix of chaos that presents the refined rebellette. Strong yet feminine, aggressive yet gentle, it is the label for women who live not by a set state of mind, but by the whims of her motives. BOTB designs contrast the tough-girl mold the designer has pieced together over the years against a lighthearted approach to design inspired by current youth culture. BOTB acts as a mirror against today's multicultural society and echoes the broad growing interest of each individual.




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