Cheap Monday

The tight Cheap Monday denim with the characteristic skull logo first hit the market in Sweden in March 2004, a few years after Örjan Andersson, Adam Friberg, and two of their friends had opened a small store in a Stockholm suburb. Some of the denim sold in the shop was very expensive and Andersson felt there was a need for cheaper, yet still fashionable, jeans. From this belief, the first Cheap Monday style 'Tight' was born, at this point exclusively as an in-store brand. An unwashed, tight-fitted, stretch denim jean for a shockingly good price—It was an immediate success. In January 2005, Cheap Monday was developed into a brand that included not only jeans, but also tops, accessories, underwear, and shoes. Despite the fast growth, Cheap Monday's original idea still remains: to offer its customers pieces that compete with high-end brands in both fashion level and quality—but always at an extremely good price.




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