This Is A Love Song

This Is A Love Song is a fresh new brand, founded in 2013, that offers super cute women's clothing using a number of different fabrics, color combinations, and dyes. This Is A Love Song was created by girls who are armed with a passion for fashion and music. The top three things these ladies can't live without are music, love, and good times. This brand offers a handful of basic, yet not-so-basic pieces, which incorporate fun color and graphic messages. The ladies behind the brand understand the importance of comfortable basics in one's wardrobe, but also feel that everybody needs to let loose and get a little crazy sometimes. This Is A Love Song's muse is a girl who lives a carefree lifestyle, spends most of her money on concerts and clothes, and truly believes that having fun is the most important objective in life. So this upcoming festival season, let your hair down and dance to the beat of your own drum with This Is A Love Song.




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