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Few brands embody streetwear like Obey, who over the past decade has emerged as a leading brand for tees, hats, shirts, jackets, bags, accessories, and more. Obey founder Shepard Fairey first created the iconic Obey Giant logo while in college in 1989, and since then the image has become one of the most instantly recognizable in the fashion world. Obey is rooted in DIY culture, but also draws inspiration from politics, commercial marketing, and pop culture. Fairey's work is ideologically progressive, and the company name Obey was chosen with reverse psychology in mind. Obey designs are influenced by classic military uniforms, workwear, and the various cultures that Fairey has experienced. In 2008, Fairey's "Hope" design became an integral part of the Obama campaign, making Fairey a household name. With such a dynamic lead designer, it's no wonder that Obey maintains a status as one of the world's leading streetwear brands.




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