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SunaharA is a clothing and accessories brand based out of Malibu, California, created in 2009 by Willow Craven Kalatchi and Mallory O’Brien. These two ladies have light-hearted whimsical attitudes, which are most definitely reflected in their one-of-a-kind designs. While Willow and Mallory understand the importance of honoring classic designs, they are constantly adding fresh ideas in order to merge the simple and the ornate, the vintage and the modern. SunaharA strives to convey the unique aspects of the Southern California lifestyle, combined with the well-honed eye of the world traveler. Their pieces are so effortlessly beautiful and will give any outfit life. SunaharA's muse is the adventurous fashionista: the woman who loves to travel and enjoys long walks on the beach, car rides with no planned destination, and a good book. Add a little fun and foreign flair to your wardrobe with SunaharA.




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