United Nude

United Nude is a women's street fashion shoe line with an interesting history behind it… It begins with a story of heartbreak. Realizing he needed to leave an impression on her that went beyond whatever sentiment a bouquet or ring could deliver, founder Rem Koolhaas set his sights on a gesture far more grand. His plan to get the girl back was to downsize architecture to its smallest and most vulnerable scale—a woman's foot. Although the girl was gone, the shoe had to become real. This is what the United Nude brand was built upon: aesthetics of romance, indulgence, and sweeping passion. Founders Rem D. Koolhaas and Galahad Clark took a life-changing story and created an epic shoe brand. This line of footwear is perfect for any woman who has a sensual style, loves a good romance novel, and can't wait to slip into a great pair of heels.




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