Holiday Blog Contest - Complex x Karmaloop

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Thanksgiving's around the corner and you know what that means––and no, we're not talking about your food coma. BLACK FRIDAY B*TCHES. But with the lines, wait lists, and stampedes of people looking for a deal, it's hard out in them streets! That's why Complex x Karmaloop have partnered up to give one steezy dude a chance to get a leg up on the Black Friday mobs. Complex's Style Editors have scoured Karmaloop for the best picks right now (check them out below) and are giving YOU a chance to scoop 'em up with a $1,000 Karmaloop shopping spree! So here's the deal:

- Fill out the form on your right

- Check out the Complex-curated look below for inspiration––you can use your $1,000 towards this or whatever you're feeling on!

- Make sure and enter between 11/12 at noon ET and 11/19 at noon ET 11/22 at 6p ET for your chance to win.

- Tweet us what look you're hoping to score with the hashtag #ComplexKarmaloop on Twitter and Instagram

And because we love you and want you to be happy, everyone who enters will win a $10 gift code**! That's right, we're rewarding you just for entering, fam. Remember: There can only be one winner of the $1,000 Karmaloop bucks! 

Thank us when you're the steeziest dude well before the holiday madness.

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** $10 Gift Code on purchases over $50