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Go Behind The Scenes Of The “47 Piiirates” + Win Autographed Frames From The Video


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When KarmaloopTV got the call to help put an old Capital Steez video together, they weren’t sure if they were dreaming or not. As huge fans of Joey Bada$$ and the whole Pro Era squad, this was a chance for KTV to finally work with them creatively on a project.

It all started with Juan Medrano, a close of friend of KarmaloopTV and manager to the Pros, coming across some lost footage from a video shoot. After the tragic death of Capital Steez (RIP), Juan was left with hours of old footage, but wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it. To make things more difficult, the footage itself had got corrupted a little, making it pixelated and hard to decipher at times.

Juan decided to bring the “47 Piiirates” footage to KTV, and they instantly knew that they had something powerful. After doing an initial edit to sync all the music up, the ideas started to flow. While looking through old stuff they had done, they were inspired by a previous video they did for our fearlesss leader, Greg Selkoe. In that video, they printed out the individual frames, and hand painted them to recreate them flipbook style. The only problem was, to replicate that style for this video, the team would be responsible for printing and painting over 4000 frames (and no, that’s not a typo!). Undeterred, the team decided to move forward with this plan.

Thus began a three month process of painting, coloring, drawing and highlighting all the frames. The team called on artists, creatives, fans, and friends around New York City to come by and help them create a story with the frames. Many of the Pro Era artists were so excited about the video, that they ended up spending hours at the office, getting paint all over jeans, and lending their ideas to the process. After pulling countless all nighters and drinking illegal amounts of coffee, the KarmaloopTV boys had finally completed their mission. Check the video below to see exactly how it went down:

We sat down with Thuan Tran, Sebastian Jimenez, and Richie Batista from KTV to get their first hand accounts on the journey and what they enjoyed the most. Check out what they had to say below:

Richie Batista:

My favorite part of the process was getting all of the artists together to paint the frames. At one point, we travelled back to Lawrence, and called all our old friends to come through and help us. It was dope how we were able to share the experience with so many people, each one of them getting to make their mark and be a part of history. I remember it was right after finishing the first 100 frames when we realized exactly how long this was going to take, but we didn’t care. We were having so much fun.

Sebastian Jimenez:

I remember we travelled everywhere with these frames. I’m talking about carrying a box of anywhere between 500-1000 frames at a time; it was like we suddenly had a baby to take care of. My favorite moment was when we first showed a sample of the video to the Pros and they went crazy! Like, running all over the place and flipping out over how ill it was. Their reaction inspired us to go home and paint even more frames that night.

Thuan Tran:

I remember the last night we were painting, we ended up staying up until 7:30 in the morning to finish. It also just happened to be twenty degrees outside and our heat wasn’t working properly, so we were bundled up in blankets while juggling different paints and brushes. This was honestly one of the greatest videos that I have ever been a part of and was happy that people received it as well as they did.

Here is what over 3 months of blood, sweat and painting looks like. Watch the full video below: 


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