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Asshole of the Internet: Surveillance Camera Man

Donkeys on the interwebs.


A special little place for the GURUs to store the rawest, dumbest, most ratchet things on the internet that we can’t stop looking at.

Aaannnd he’s back. If you’re not familiar, Surveillance Camera Man is a random dude who goes around filming strangers without their permission. When they ask WTF he’s doing, he tells ‘em: “Don’t worry about it, unless you have something to hide.”

It baffles me. How has this guy not been hospitalized yet? What I love about this idea is that it could be construed as an artistic statement about the modern struggle to maintaining a modicum of privacy in the digital age. If the NSA can spy on us, why can’t this guy? Whether or not this is his ultimate intention, this hilarious series is our undoubtedly our pick for this week’s asshole of the internet.

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1 Comment

  1. james

    April 2, 2014 at 8:02 am

    there is a baby monitor that can be seen on the internet and someone can be the security and tell them what to do, many groups, muslims, india, drug dealers and more use this right now, if you dont want your people to think then you should sell this baby monitor to your people and tell them how you want them to live, thats fair, the human brain wants to succeed, it doesnt want to fail, it automatically picks the answer it believes, LET ME WEAR A BABY MONITOR AND TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND STOP LETTING GROUPS FROM CHINA DO IT

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