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Behind The Lens: Ellen Stagg Brings Brooklyn Lee Out Of Retirement

When you mix beautiful women with expert cinematography, you get our Behind The Lens series with Ellen Stagg.  As one of the prominent players in erotic photography, Ellen has shot everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Justine Joli. Last week, she got up close and personal with veteran burlesque dance Stormy Leather,  and today, she brings retired AVN Award winner Brooklyn Lee in front of a camera again. According to Ellen:

“I met Brooklyn Lee when she tweeted that she wanted to shoot with me. I had to look her up and saw that a couple months before that, she had won Best Starlet at the AVN Awards. I was so excited that a girl who was up an rising in her career wanted to work with me. We had a great shoot as you can see and she was so down to earth and sweet with zero drama. It’s so nice to meet models who stay humble even as their fame rises. I hope I can shoot with her more in the future, but she has retired from porn after only being in it for 2 years so I don’t know!”

Twitter and Instagram - @EllenStagg
Filmed by Jack Cearnal
Edited by Andrew Alvarez and Christiain Payment
Check out all of Ellen’s work at her website: http://staggstreet.com

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