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Brand Spotlight: Play Cloths Fall 2013 Hits PLNDR


Pic Via Hypebeast

In 2008, the highly revered rap duo The Clipse decided to try to their hand in streetwear. In a matter of months, Play Cloths was soaring and didn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon. Their Fall 2013 Collection features clean, color blocked crewnecks, khaki pants, sweatshirts and jackets. This might one of the cleanest collections we’ve ever seen from PC, and we’re definitely feeling the introduction of the “Playboy” graphic.

And if the news couldn’t get better, Play Cloths is available on our affiliated site, PLNDR, for the first time ever. If you don’t know about PLNDR, get educated now: PLNDR is an exclusive, members-only online boutique that hosts limited time sales (lasting 48-72 hours) featuring the best from top streetwear brands at up to 80%-off. Except, things are really 80% off. Just create a log in and start browsing now if you don’t believe us.

With Pusha’s solo album, My Name Is My Name, impressing critics and Play Cloths’ new gear impressing everyone, all we need is (No) Malice to start rapping again.







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