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[BREAKING] We Found Banksy And He’s A Ginger

New York City is in the midst of a month-long bombing campaign by famed anonymous street artist Banksy, and so far he’s managed to send whitebred art snobs to the hood, sell his insanely valuable artwork for cheap at a street stall, and send a truckload of livestock to the muppet slaughterhouse. Who is this man of mystery, who invokes such depth through such simplicity? Well, fuckers. We’ve got him right here. Banksy is our very own LIL INTERNET.

For years, we’ve had to remain mum, working with LIL INTERNET on a daily basis and knowing who he was by night. We’d see him out on the fire escape watching the sun go down, knowing that soon he would grab his black gym bag and slip away into the night, alluding the police and marking the world with his signature.

The painting above is a rare self-portrait that hangs in Greg Selkoe’s secret lair 18 stories underneath the Karmaloop HQ in Boston. Alongside it on the walls are the skeleton of Andy Warhol’s cat, and Keith Haring‘s one stick figure thing with boobs.


Now that you know who Banksy really is, you may start noticing him hovering around in photos of his work. He has a penchant for hanging around his own art and looking surprised while secretly watching other people’s reactions. In the photo above, he taunts a tourist photographer with a smirk.


For his most recent secret public appearance, he personally manned his pop-up street stall and sold canvases of his work for $60 apiece. People assumed that it was just a dementia-addled old man slinging them, but it was just LIL INTERNET hiding in plain site.

So there you have it. Sorry, Banksy. We had to do it. You ate all the jelly donuts last Wednesday and several of us are more than a little salty about it. Now we are even. Oh, and steer clear of the office for a little while, the NYPD is going to rush in here any minute.


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