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Shawn Kemp Raps With Chad Selkoe

A few weeks ago, the GURU office got a call from our head honcho, the inimitable Greg Selkoe. He had a special request–to get his annoying nephew off his back by giving him a show on Karmaloop TV. Chad is a nice kid, but his demeanor is crippled by a visceral awkwardness that sabotages every social interaction he winds up in. At first, we were worried he would destroy our sterling reputation for high quality interview shows. After shooting his first episode, however, we discovered something. This is not just an interview show. It’s a study in human psychology. Watching Chad interact with professional basketball players, I feel like I could write a dissertation on just his facial expressions. We had no choice but to give Chad a show, but now that it’s rolling we can’t get enough of the kid.

Here’s the goofball intro he sent us for this video. SMH.

WHAT’S GOOD, WORLD!!! This is Chad Selkoe coming at you live! A couple months ago my Uncle Greg, the founder of Karmaloop.com, handed me a plane ticket to New York City and told me to pack my bags. He was sending me on a mission to stir up some life and bring my fresh-ass swag to his newest baby, GURU powered by Karmaloop.

The minute I walked through the office doors I knew I’d become best friends with these guys! Abdullah, my new boss and the Captain of our ship, was extremely inviting and helpful as I got settled in. Sid, the managing editor, had more energy and excitement about his work than I’d seen before and I could tell he liked me more than anyone else in the office, and the social media dude, Sameer, well he WAS the funniest person in the office, but not anymore since I arrived. Uncle Greg must have known how well I’d fall in with these guys cuz’ almost immediately they made me a host of my own show! A show were I get to talk to some of the dopest people in sneakers, music, sports and fashion!

Good news sure does travel fast cuz’ only a day after the announcement was made, Reebok reached out and invited me to the annual street ball tournament at Rucker’s Park, where they wanted me to interview Shawn Kemp and Isaiah Thomas for the release of Shaq’s Kamikaze II!

Oh boy… It was G! The interviews were a home run and I even got Shawn Kemp to freestyle on camera! Suck it, Nardwuar!

On the really real, though, big thanks to Reebok and everyone who made this video happen!


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