Kazbah FAQ

What is Karmaloop Kazbah?

Kazbah is Karmaloop.com's global underground marketplace. Kazbah brands are independent retailers, hand selected by Karmaloop to sell on karmaloop.com. The brands featured on Karmaloop's marketplace handle shipping & customer service on all related orders.

Will my Kazbah items arrive in the same package as my Karmaloop items?

No, since all Kazbah brands ship from their own warehouse your Kazbah item(s) will arrive separately. If you order from multiple Kazbah brands, you will receive a separate package from each brand.

How much is shipping for Kazbah?

Shipping charges are calculated for each brand depending on weight and destination country.

Please note expedited shipping does not apply to any Kazbah, Marketplace, Drop-ship items.

Who do I contact about questions I have about a Kazbah item or order?

Each brand's contact info is provided on the brand page here: Kazbah Brand Listing

You can also contact kazbahsupport@karmaloop.com with any questions you may have regarding Kazbah.

I have a brand - how can I sell on Kazbah?

For details on how your brand can be sold on Kazbah, visit: Sell Your Brand

Why did I receive my Kazbah and Karmaloop items separately?

All Karmaloop.com orders are shipped from our warehouse in Kentucky and all Kazbah purchases are shipped from the individual brands. If you order from 3 different brands on Kazbah, you will receive 3separate packages with your Kazbah brand items.

What discount codes can be used on Kazbah items?

Rep codes can always be applied to Kazbah items while promo codes and discounts cannot unless stated otherwise. Gift certificates and store credits can also be applied to Karmaloop items.

Where can I check out all of the products featured on Karmaloop's Marketplace?

You can view all the brands on Kazbah by visiting www.kazbah.com.

Customer Service
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