Promo Codes 

At the individual brand's request, promotional codes do not apply to all items or sometimes do not apply to a given brand.  Please see each promotion for details.


Alternate accounts MAY NOT be created to take advantage of promo codes. 


Entering Codes

When a customer is checking out they have several fields in which to enter various codes.


Promo/Gift Code

Store Credit/Gift Certificate


Promo codes and gift codes are one in the same. Only 1 promo/gift code can be applied to an order at a time. 

Multiple store credits and gift certificates can be combined; customers must separate the codes with a comma. These codes can also be used in conjunction with promo codes.

All gift certificates and store credits are equal to cash (from a return, purchased on our website, etc.) while gift codes are always promotional and were never tied to cash at any point in the code’s history.

Can I use two promotional codes on the same order?


No. A promotion code can only be used once, by one person, for one order only.


Promo codes & Gift Codes cannot be combined with Free Shipping or % Off codes you may have received elsewhere.

Can I use a coupon code or gift certificate for Kazbah purchases?

Coupons, discounts and gift certificates can only be accepted at and cannot be applied on Kazbah purchases.

Which brands are restricted from promo codes?

 Please refer to the item description to see if promo codes apply.