10 Deep Goes International For Their Latest Spring Delivery


Despite having it’s roots in NYC, 10 Deep has stretched it’s influence to nearly every corner of the globe. In their latest lookbook drop, aptly titled “Internationally Known,” they flex their global prowess showcasing a grip of different motifts and prints which you definitely can’t see in the states.

This drop has all the staples pieces such as jackets, hats and denim, plus a few standouts like the Arabic football jersey, the double breasted buttonup and the floral jacket. While other brands are sticking to their bread and butter, it seems like 10 Deep is taking more risks and working to harder to innovate their looks. Who can hate on that?

If you can’t wait until next week for these pieces to drop, click below to get your paws on the latest spring flavors from 10 Deep on Karmaloop.Karmaloop_Guru_Shop_Brand

10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-3 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-5 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-8 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-10

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