[GITOO PICKS] The 10 Worst-Dressed NBA Players In The Post-Conference

Russell Westbrook is by far the worst-dressed NBA player in 2013. I bought this exact shirt for my 7-year-old wanksta nephew.

NBA players are some of the worst dressed cats out! I think the entire world knows that by now, but this past year has been out of control! I don’t understand why neon buttondown shirts and extra tight blazers are “what’s poppin‘” in the NBA world, but I have to turn the channel as soon as the final second buzzer drops just to save my eyes from the pain. With color blind cats like Russell Westbrook, the post game interview turns into a legit fashion shit show. I don’t think theres any saving ’em…

Here are the god damn worst-dressed NBA players right now. 


This is my least favorite outfit on the list. Puke Green is never the color, but here’s some advice, Paul George: keep the shirt! It’s perfect for the next 70s-themed Bar-Mitzvah you have to attend.


Russell, Russell, Russell… I’m glad we got a glimpse of the kicks and the ashy ankles, but please get a glimpse of a full body mirror and let’s not let this happen again !


George Hill looking like your weird Uncle at the Family Reunion with a plate full of potato salad.


Peek-a boo D wade …we seeeee you ! Those are some of the most distracting sunglasses ever…but again props to matching the stunner shades with the blue backdrop..always thinking ahead !


Unless your a character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the last thing you want to pair a deep V neck t shirt with is a tight-ass blazer……..But I do give D Wade props for matching his outfit with his gatorade bottles. Nice touch!


Hey Kevin Durant dressed like a 8th grader on the first day of school.


Blake Griffin and Chris Paul I hope this is a joke…please say this is a joke !


Lmao okay so this is a joke!


Wanna make sure you never make these horrific faux pas? Never worry. Our Mitchell & Ness NBA crewnecks got you covered.

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