16 Bar Review: The Underachievers – The Lords Of Flatbush


Our GURU think tank spent the weekend brainstorming the freshest way to review the music you need to hear and we think we’ve found it: instead of writing reviews about our favorite rap records, we’re gonna rap them.

In this week’s edition, we tackle The Underachievers’ latest mixtape release, The Lords of Flatbush. If you aren’t hip to The Underachievers, they’re a rap duo consisting of AK and Issa Dash from Brooklyn, NY, and have worked with many of our favorite artists such as Joey BadA$$, Lex Luger, The Flatbush Zombies and more. Lords of Flatbush is a dope, 8-track offering, entirely produced by Lex Luger which showcases the deft lyricism of Dash and AK.

Check out our GURUs A-live and The Kid getting busy on the review:

Before you go, we had to leave ya/
with a couple words about The Underachievers/
if you aint listen yet, then you a retard/
just playing, but you better get dem trees, bruh/
Issa Dash and AK yeah they back again/
Lords of Flatbush and it is banging man, like hammers man/
Leaving Scraps starts it off goes too hard/
both of em spazzing on some shit from by Lex Luger/
and they Flexing on that Cold Crush, Cold Crush/
that bass crazy, and the hook is so tough, its so tough/
this about elevation, this ’bout mediation,/ 
this about getting lifted and getting to your destination/
so who there better than me/
I blast that Melody of the Free/
in the whip with my lady to be/
and thats the word on the new new/
brought to you by A-live and The Kid, GURU/


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