Spend 24 Hours In New York City With Mack Wilds And Find Out Where He Likes To Shop

Whether he was your favorite character on The Wire or had your R&B banger of the year, [emuze]Mack Wilds[/emuze] stays killing it. VIBE Magazine and Mikey Fresh step out with the young star in the making for 24 hours in New York and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Either in a cab or on the train, Mack hits city like us regular folk and visits some of his favorite spots in NYC while talking about his upcoming album and the process behind his music. As no stranger to streetwear, Mack spends a hefty amount of time at Publish getting some gear, defining his style as “old-school Americana meets the hood.”

Click play to watch the whole thing and catch the nicer side of the killer you may know as Michael.

Can’t get enough Mack Wilds? Watch our KarmaloopTV interview with him below. 

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