The 3 Best Watches Under $50 [STYLE GUIDE]


When it comes to watches, a man can never have enough. If you have a nicely developed wardrobe, you will always find the need to match a certain outfit with the appropriate watch. Formal attire usually calls for muted colors and leather bands, while a night out with the homies deserves a splash of gold. When it comes to finding the right watch, you have to factor in the size of the face, the band and the overall aesthetic.

Certain brands, such as NEFF, do an amazing job of creating bright, colorful watches that are perfect for everyday wear. If you are an active person, skating around all day for example, NEFF would be something worth looking into. If you’re headed to class and want to impress that girl next to you, it might be more appropriate to throw on a FLUD or Breda watch. We’ll let you be the judge of your situation, but get it right with the Best Watches Under $50:

1. Breda Jaxon Watch

Clean. Simple. Attractive. It’s hard to go wrong with this joint from Breda. The brown leather band gives it a formal touch, but the bold face numbers makes it playful enough to wear on almost any occasion. Roll with the winners.


2. NEFF Nightly Watch

A deviation from the norm from NEFF, but dope none the less. Though it lacks the usual flair and color, this all-blacked-out baby from NEFF is straight pimpin’. Throw this on your wrist and hit the sheets..err, we mean, streets.


3. Mark Naimer The Justice Watch

Did you think $50 wouldn’t be enough to afford you some luxury? ┬áNot when you’re dealing with Karmaloop. Pick this dope piece up from Mark Naimer if you’re looking for a bold addition to your wardrobe.



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