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3 Reasons Why You Need Reebok’s New Halloween Pump-kins


It ain’t trickin’ if you got it. Reebok gives us this treat just in time for the most ghoulish day of the year. The “Pumpkin” Omni Lite Pumps feature orange leather, black trimming and a glow in the dark accent throughout.

You might be asking yourself “Why the hell would I ever need these?” We thought the same thing, until we sat down and realized the many benefits of having such a rare pair of sneakers. Here are three reasons why you need to get a pair of Reebok Halloween Pumps.

1. You will never lose them – Waking up in an unfamiliar setting after a long night? One quick glance around the room will be all it takes to find these amidst the rubble.

2. Riding a bike at night just became infinitely safer – Do you always feel like you’re about to get clipped by a car? Well, fear no more. With these Reeboks on, you’ll be more visible than anything else moving at night, other cars included.

3. Start a conversation anywhere – Find yourself turning into Napoleon Dynamite around women? It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll do a little better once you throw these on. I mean, how could anyone resist?


If you can’t wait until October 25th to get your hands on these, head over to Karmaloop now for your Reebox fix:

The Pump Omni Lite Cordura Sneaker in Cyclone Grey, White, & Black    

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