5 Little Known A$AP Members We Expect To See On The New A$AP Mob Record

A$AP Worldwide.

With the recent announcement of A$AP Mob’s upcoming album, due October 15th, a lot of listeners (who had only scratched the surface of this crew through the recent ascent of their charismatic leader Rocky) are beginning to catch wind of just how deep this Harlem crew runs. A$AP Ferg is easily the next phenomenon from the group, and we’re starting to hear the names Twelvy, Ant, Yams┬ámore as well, but there are several members of the A$AP Mob from the fringes that we expect to make a lot of noise as mob continues to rise. Look out for their first official appearances on the upcoming record!

Here are the five members of A$AP Mob you’ve never heard of, but should know.

Seems like a nice guy

Barry Feinburg was initially A$AP Ferg’s family accountant, then becoming one of the primary artist managers of the mob, and eventually leveraging his position within the group to become an official member. Some say he pulled it off by coming into the studio one day and just ripping the booth to shreds, amazing everyone and breaking through every stereotype of middle-aged white dudes and earning deep and genuine praise from Rocky in front of the whole crew. Others say he leveraged sensitive knowledge of various tax infractions perpetrated by obscure member A$AP $pendthrift.

Come at me, bro

Currently aged five and a half, A$AP Shawna (previously known as Bloodthirsty Billie Da Bitchkilla) was scouted and signed to Def Jam prenatally in 2007. It was only learned once she reached age two that she has a severe speech impediment which causes her to switch up her “V” and “W” sounds, causing her to sound a little like a 40-year-old Indian man. Though she has social ties to A$AP Mob dating way back to March of this year, many say that her addition to the crew was a label move to “keep things fresh.”

Bip bip!

Hailing from the same block in Harlem as Rocky, “Bippy” has only a rudimentary command of English, but his value to the mob lies in his skill when it comes to making delectable stir-fried rice dishes, which A$AP Yams has described as “Mothafuckin scrumptious.” Originally from Cambodia, Bippy came to the US as a refugee in 1986 and immediately began selling illegal narcotics, which got his ass shipped back to his homeland within six weeks. Once back there, he enrolled in a different asylum program and ended up right back in the US, where he picked up slinging again. This back and forth has continued for nearly two decades, in which he has been returned to the US as a refugee a record 17 times.

Hola, homies

Although he has played down all his press coverage, rumors abound regarding outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s affiliation with A$AP Mob. With murmurs about the mob adding a Spanish-speaking rapper to the mix coupled with Bloomberg’s well-known proficiency with Spanish, we can only assume that El Bloombito will be the element that takes A$AP to the next level of urban music/detailed financial reporting.


No one knows which crew member’s mom MR$ A$AP actually is, but it is well-known that she acts as a mother to the whole crew. In a recent interview with Complex, the MR$ broke down her role within the crew. “Dem n****s be fooling so I got to be there every day, like 24/7, making sure all them ratchets they f***ing with don’t become a liability.” Classic mom stuff. It’s true that the crew is on the cusp of megafame, so it puts our mind at ease that they’ve got a mother figure looking out for them.

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